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Post news RSS Quill Development Update 2 : May 2013

This is an update concerning recent developments on the game, project changes, and an overall revival of what we were doing.

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Hello everybody. It has indeed been a long time. Due to school things, we decided to throw everything on hold for a bit, however now that summer break is upon us, we now have plenty of time to continue working.

Inbetween this update and the last, my partners and I have decided to make a few changes on the game. We will no longer be using Construct for development, but will instead be using Unity. We also have decided to give the third dimension a shot, as we feel that even though it will take much more work and time to master, we will be able to capture much more of what we envision Quill to be.

Now, aside from these changes, we have made some progress. We are nearly finished with Herreth's modeling, rigging, and skinning. Right now I am in the process of connecting the second half of his bones to his body. Once that is finished, I will then move on to modeling clothing and developing textures.

As of now I am very much so a beginner at using 3D modeling tools (the one we are choosing to use is Blender), so if you have any tips or comments, please throw them my way.

Modeling Herreth Modeling Herreth Modeling Herreth

Also, for the first time yet we actually have some development in the game's audio. Recently I have composed a little ditty that I am quite so proud of, and am currently working playing it with skill. It is a piano piece, and it may be used for a credits sequence. I would really like for it to almost be like a theme, but I'm not so sure yet. Once I can actually play it, I will be sure to create some sort of file or video so you all can hear it. Also as a note, once the game is released, we may have some sort of deal for anyone who wants sheet music.

Anyway, to sum everything up, we're back in action. This thing is actually moving again, and that fact is pretty awesome in my eyes. Thank you all for reading my ramblings, and I hope you stay tuned. There will definitely be some major work done in the near future.

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