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January 9th Dragon Universe Updates/Fixes. Hope you enjoy!

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-Fixed alien starter moves 'Zenkai' options not actually doing anything since it was hardcoded that only Saiyans/Yasais can have zenkai. Now choosing this gives
you the same zenkai mod as a Yasais.

- Lowered buff switching from 15 seconds to 2 seconds.

- Made having more durability somewhat slow your regen rate since it is like having more maximum health to heal, like other games with normal stat systems a guy with 1000 max health and a guy with 2000, then they both heal +50 per second, it takes the guy with 2000 twice as long to heal... Anyway, we are just giving it a try it can easily be undone.

The scaling is not like if you take 2x more damage then you heal 2x slower, instead, it's like 35% slower for every 2x

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