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A quick update about 'The Hunt for Slenderman' explaining why I haven't uploaded anymore content so far.

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The Hunt for Slenderman Logo #2
Hi everyone! Just a quick update on the development progress.

So I haven't uploaded more content that relates to 'The Hunt for Slenderman' lately. The reason for this is that I've modified the code in the game so that it doesn't run from one source file. Everything I've provided so far like images, videos and etc that relates to gameplay has been taken when running from only one source file. So it's safe to say that with all the different source files I will be capable of making more content and features for the game.

Unfortunately I haven't worked on something different except modifying the code but as soon as I finish modifying the remaining code I will start working on the text parser like I mentioned before in the earlier news post. After that I will start working on the story again and create more resources and show off more content of the game by uploading more images and videos.

When I do finish the text parser then I will start implementing it with the movement of Slender man, which means that I will upload a gameplay video that relates to that. Hopefully I will get this done before the end of the week.

If you have any thoughts about the game so far, feel free to post it in the comment section or send me a private message, would like hear them!

To all Slender and non-Slender fans out there, have a good day!

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