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Decided it was time to change the HUD :o The last one was too small and didnt display much information.

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New Display OMG

My new hud artist decided to leave me a simple design for this. We pretty much did half and half, he designed this traditionally and I just digitalized it. This looks perfect in game, the current problem now is that it blocks the view for the player! Gotta add a transparency slidebar for people that dont want this huge thing blocking the screen :D

Attacks will be displayed with their name instead of "Atk .no" and will have a cooldown function.
Cause you know, everyone hates spammers. Unless the spammer is you xD

That would be all for this quick update :D!

------------AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE AND A REQUEST!!----------

I have a message for the current watchers/future watchers.
As you all know, Im the only one making this game. I do the music, programming and little art.
The problem here is the artwork. I lack the ability to create more spritesheets for the game, and I cannot seem to find them anywere on the web.

Do you want to help with the development of the game?
Feel free to comment! I´ll take anyone in consideration :D!!
Now, what would be your job? Here is what I currently need!

  • Sprites for grass attacks
  • Sprites for lightning attacks

If you need a list of the attacks, I will gladly send them to you.
Anyone that helps with the artwork, will get a special skin for their pokemon ingame :D!
Thanks to everyone in advance!

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