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Im a little late for an update, but theres a few things that I must fix. And, they're taking a little longer than expected.

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Ok, so just a quick update:

I have to redo my animations, animation state machine, and update the code for weighted layers, animation events, etc.

It's kinda slow going, I'm learning all this as I go. Currently everything is upside-down and/or backwards:

buggy bugsuhhh

Ive created a larger enemy, one more to avoid than anything. WIP below.

Screen Shot 2022 02 13 at 4 03 53 PM

I had to figure the best way to add it in with the existing bugs, and as such, the existing bugs had to change. It's all for the better, eventually.


I'll update soon, once I can. I figure it is better to say that than nothing. I will update again here, soon.

Im going to get back to it now, wish me luck

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