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Post news RSS Quick Update! - 4/15/2020

Just a short update on what's been going on the past few weeks. Lobby system complete, started on some more visual FX, and am working on audio!

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OK, so this is not a DevLog proper, but just a quick update to note what's been going on the past few weeks. My own controversial thoughts on the "pandemic" sweeping the globe aside, the measures being taken in light of the perceived event have certainly affected me in any case, both emotionally and logistically. Development has thus slowed down significantly the past few weeks; it's been quite difficult for me to adjust to doing college work online and not being able to go out places like I'm used to >_>

However! I have still managed to make some progress and I'm beginning to get back to work on it. I'm committing to at least a couple hours every day until I can get back into the swing of things. For now, here's the laundry list of things I've got done since the last update:

  • Lobby system is completely functional from a networking perspective, both for LAN matches and over Steam. Pretty huge! Teams get assigned properly, replication for players who join the Lobby in progress works, and moving from Lobby to match and back again is seamless.
  • Added some placeholder loading screens during map travels to help smooth out the awkward "freezing" that would happen before.
  • Created some visual effects for charging up a weapon. Will probably show that off once I've got the audio all worked out.
  • Started on audio work, including weapon sounds (shooting, reloading, equipping), footsteps, taking cover, and environmental sound. I've already set things up so it should all replicate to other players without my having to do anything special, but adjusting volumes will probably be the trickiest part here.

Fully playable from start to finish by the end of May was my goal, and it's still within reach, so I'll keep working towards that! Obviously I'm not pressured for time, given that I can't even properly art this game until... oh, probably next summer... but I would like to get a headstart on some of the more complicated stuff like ranking systems and testing on different computer systems and such as soon as possible.

Hope everyone reading this is well and staying productive! Cheers,

- Flash <3

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