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Post news RSS Quick Update - 1/31/17

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we're still here, and what we've been doing with this mod.

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Hey there!

As of typing this, this mod has over 100 downloads which is awesome!

We put work into this and so far it seems to be paying off so thank you for all who played and enjoyed!

Since the release, Kyle and I haven't really focused on the game as hard. It's still in our minds and we talk about things we can do with it. This leads me to say that there are going to possibly be some DLC / Add-on packs in the future. Examples are things like a Sound Pack (something that replaces the original sounds with something else we've done, or just additions) or, a Graphical Pack (Different facility colors and such).

As of now nothing is being worked on, but check back every once in a while to see if we've added anything new.

Hopefully by this coming Fall, I'll be taking a gaming course. Slowly working my way into doing animations, coding, working with engines etc.. And after getting more experience I'd love to come back to this mod and really change something or add some SCP's. Until then, we hope you enjoy what we've brought to the table so far.

Stay Tuned!

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