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How Blast Tournament came to be. What lead to the development of this one week game project.

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Previous to this game, I had only published one other game, and after a year of very little progress with games, I quickly got the motivation to create and publish a game in one week. After 7 years of using GameMaker 2 to develop games and, in a way, failing at expanding from it, I managed to completely switch to Unity when developing Blast Tournament. The idea behind Blast Tournament came from an unfinished GameMaker prototype game I had made 6 months before, and after failing to create anything enjoyable in Unity, after trying 10 or so different prototypes, this old idea came back to me. So I began, working tirelessly 24/7 for one week. It was difficult at first, in that I was using tools I had never used before, and developing games in a different manner, but after a few days, it really grew on me. I rapidly developed a prototype, and began working to a complete game I would eventually be able to publish. After a week of heavy work, I finally could feel proud and happy of what I had accomplished. I managed to develop what I consider to be a pretty solid and enjoyable little game. Now, I want to share this little creation with people who will enjoy playing it as much as I did developing it.


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