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I've implemented a dismemberment system that allows bodies to explode when experiencing a certain amount of damage. Additionally, characters have a chance to visibly bleed marking a trail in their own blood.

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Quick update! Dismemberment is now implemented, so bodies taking a certain amount of damage (or direct hits from certain calibers) will result in a bunch of pieces.

Additionally, whenever a character gets hit, there is a chance for them to begin bleeding. I was at first going to implement a typical blood decal to be created, but tried out making dynamic blood that is actually a mesh (the nature of the game allows for such low poly that things like this are actually possible without any real performance hit, which is nice). I think there may be some things I can do to improve this, but I do like the result so far.

Game Image 06

You cannot forget destructible buildings! Unfortunately for now, I don't have many assets to play with but this will give you some insight into what is to come. I intend to have all buildings and objects destructible, because in a game like this, if you can't blow it up - whats the point?

Thanks for checking this out and stand by for more!

-Sklorite Studios

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