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Our Virtuality, 3D studio acquired a physical base to finance, host, optimize development. A modular modification, extension manager, featuring automatic downloads, preview icons and complex dependency resolving. Et alia.

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So what the heck have we been doing?

Magic Philosophers (Algorithm & 3D Art Studio), World development (open source company) have managed to cut cost by acquiring a territory of 155 000 m² for the next 9 years (of which almost 4 are already paid for). The territory was in bad physical, economic shape and in high debt which was why the Educational Time Machine 0 B.C. and other software projects received little attention.

Now that the first optimizations are finished and the 3D capable computers are repaired and restored, the software development is regaining speed, too.

Work has been done on a genetic algorithm to generate spoken languages' development depending on the chosen point of time (travel) in history. This is a point of great interest in the scientific community.

Historical context and consensus has been seeked in the scientific community.

Active researchers (lecturer, Doctor honour at university, Physicists) are due to join forces, taking a stone seat directly at the hierarchy-less headquarters of world development. A full transition may happen suddenly or gradually any time over the next years.

World development is about to start two new services this year:

  • Computer, Internet & communications repair, consulting, construction.
  • The first goods are to be sold, being cow milk, sheep milk, butter, cheese (likely next year), vegetables, fruits (berries, apples, pears).

Finances have been restored, debt is about to be nullified about the 3rd quarter of this year.

A powerful, versatile Modification & Extension Manager with online powers has been designed. Programmer J.R.I. v.W. v.Z. who has already laid out groundwork and code for the mod manager of 0 A.D. is working on the entire redesign and is adding the missing functionality (like downloads).

With the new code, the support for many more platforms and operating systems is enhanced. Exempli gratia a proven cross-platform engine is used under the hood of the new Mod Manager.

Last but not least, blender integration has made notable progress.

The organization structure (content, functionality filesystems, interconnections) has had a design and technology breakthrough.

About Applications

New possible non-artist team members are required to come from the Unix world (Unix-like operating systems like Linux flavours, Mac OS, BSD, Windows + cygwin, ...).

Non-unix applications must be rejected right away, because of the increased complexity to maintain and use the development structure consequently and effectively.

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