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Finally, progress. The creation of unit tests is coming along nicely, right on schedule.

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Another part of the game has been put under QA. The unit tests for the AI system are done. This means both the Trade and the AI system are under control with respect to Unit testing. This is good news, because it means I can run regression tests a lot easier when adding new stuff or fixing existing stuff. Thus making the whole code base more stable. In the end, this should help reduce bugs and other such fun stuff a lot.
And lets face it, nobody likes a game riddled with bugs, so anything I can do to keep those under control is a good thing. Right?

Now, on to the next part to bring under control with some much needed unit tests, the Entity System. This part will be harder, and might require a whole log of EasyMock-ing. Which is fine by me, I've been doing that in the AI system as well.
I'll keep you guys informed on the progress.

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