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Post news RSS Q3Rally does a good progress.

The work is on a good flow and rasises the mod every day. The 1.4 release will have a new gametype in it. Domination. Yes you heard right. You can drive around a map and get flags and defeat them against your opponents. Also the Audi A8 and the Audi TT and also the Ferrari Enzo are ready skinned and waiting for you to drive. Perhaps there will come some more cars ready till the release. Now i am working on some little code things and then we will need one or two maps for ctf and domination.

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I think that we can count on a release at latest in the end of spring/beginning of summer this year. This is way longer than i thought. But with wife and kid it is hard to get all this stuff together alone.

So here is my Announce. If there are skilled people outside who wants to help me with the mod you are really welcome. Jobs are available at the following positions.

Coder if you are more skilled than me. (What is not really hard)
Modeler for Cars and mapmodels ( Goal is to make maps more by models and less brushwork.)
Mappers for new racing grounds.
Sound artists for making different car sounds for all cars and other stuff like map music.

If you can help in one of these departments please fell free to mail me at :


Wish you all the best and hope that you stay tuned.

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