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Here is the early, your very lucky, development log.

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As we come towards the end of November I thought I would update you, first of all don't be put off by the very small list of changes as I have been busy this month, illness, traveling and exams are a few reasons but look out for a very special update soon!

  • Finished Peggis Levels (Completely finished now, and breathe)
  • Programmed Smash (Yeah, literally typing this right after coding Smash, he is my new favorite character)
  • Added Snatcher (Watch out when he's about he'll snatch your supply of ammo, two at a time!)
  • Added Credits (Not finalized, just a little something I did in five spare minutes)

Yeah, there will be a huge update out before December, I hope, look out for it as there will be a lot of revealing information ;)

PS: I am really enjoying programming Smash, he is turning out to be the best. At the moment all sounds are completed except for the voice acting, so I have a Smash that sounds like Peggis. But on the bright side I've only got three major features to go! Smash, Endless Mode and the Pack Shop. The end is coming and I have an ideal release date ready but I'm not promising anything yet!

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