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This time I learned a lot! But the most exciting part of it was working on Vermis, the female character of the game, even though she's still not finished I never went so far in developing a character as I did with her.

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These are the improvements I made in the last few weeks:

  • Improved Vermis's room.

  • Improved the dialogue and added an inspection option when interacting with Vermis.
  • Improved Vermis.
  • Created clothes for Vermis.

  • Created a walking animation for Vermis.
  • Tested cloth simulation for Vermis's dress ( utter failure but I'm getting there).
  • Blocked further the well area in the labyrinth.
  • Created a ripple effect when throwing objects into water.

  • Almost finished the new version of the "monster".
  • Improved a new area in the 6th floor.
  • Almost all bookshelves in the library were replaced by the newest ones ( there's tons of them but they're instances so they shouldn't affect performance).
  • Created a low poly version of the chest.
  • Chests are textured and can be opened now.

  • The new main character mesh is almost ready ( but clothes and shoes still need to be improved).

  • Wrote one ending to the game.
  • And many other things too trivial to be mentioned.
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