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Proxyndic Update v0.32. Weekly development updates for Proxyndic.

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- Reinvented the stock market system. The original idea was to have a top 7 index of company stocks to trade from. Limiting to only seven tradable stocks was due to performance restrictions and overall lack of backstory for each company. However, a new system has been implemented to easily allow for hundreds of companys to be listed and traded from. Other citizens will also make transactions causing the markets to constantly fluctuate. The holographic data assistant (HDA) will provide basic financial tools that will help in making investment decisions.

- Added in-game Clock. The time functionality now works. Businesses and game events will operate arouned the standard game time. Each in-game hour is equal to 30 real life seconds. This may be altered in the future.


- **Proxyndic Demo in progress**: Much time has been spent this past week on preparation of a Proxyndic Demo. The demo will provide a small sandbox environment where players will be able to conduct the daily activities to keep their player alive. More specific details will come as the demo nears release.

You can view the entire list of updates and media at the official Proxyndic webpage here:
Official Proxyndic Website

Also, Feel free to join and post on the Proxyndic forums here:
Official Proxyndic Forums

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