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After a break due to external issues, Proving Grounds is now back..

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Proving Grounds is back, with a new update for NS2 beta build 215.

This has been a total code restart on the mod due to immense underlying code changes, by the UWE team, to the base game Natural Selection 2.

As a result of this restart a new plan has been put into place to release the mod with a higher focus on balance. Previously the mod was built by adding features and shipping them out, but this time, it has been decided to implement only some of the tech each time to try and maintain a fairer playing field between the two teams.

The code this time has been created to a higher standard, as more knowledge has been gained, and the game is looking to a bright future. Enjoy!

Below is the list for release details for the mod.


FPS play only, no commander mode.
Clean HUD, no minimaps ('C' still shows main map)
Team Deathmatch gameplay using classes, weapons and abilities from NS2
Players press 'b' to buy/evolve
Players earn Res through killing enemies and through a background flow of 1 res every 10 secs.
Res is used to buy
Win condition is kill the Hive/CCAliens use standard egg spawn, Marines have 3 IP's, These have to be protected.

Aliens can buy up to 2 upgrades at a cost of 2 res each.
Implemented upgrades are:
Lifeform costs:
Gorge 5
Lerk 10
Fade & Onos not implemented yet due to balance.

Marine weapon res costs are:
Welder - 2
Mines - 5
Shotgun - 10
Grenade Launcher - 15
Flamethrower - 20

Press 'e' to resupply. A resupply wave costs 1 res and gives 2 clip ammo and 1 health regen. You will automatically receive as many waves as you need to fill up both ammo and health, provided you have the res. Note: weapon will be insta reloaded when using resupply.
Res for Kills is a random amount between 5 & 15

Official Proving Grounds Mapping Guidelines
Entity Requirements:
Maps require 32 spawns in the ready room and the relevant NS2 join team entities.
2 Tech Points (1 Marine Only & 1 Alien Only)
Location entities for each spawn room, other locations optional.

Map Design:
Maps can be level over level, should encourage regular combat opportunities, but need to respect the ranged vs melee gameplay. Vents are not needed, as this is meant to be death match, lives are not precious in death match. Not too many alternative routes, maybe 1 main route and 1 alternative route. Again we want lots of confrontation, if everyone is moving around by different routes, that's not going to happen.
Power nodes are not used in this mod at present.

Create content, add suggestions, let's make this game amazing :)

I'll see you on the Proving Grounds...

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