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Arcade game with the elements of logic. Need to have time to clear the area before you fill all the parasites.

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Planet "FG-327" (on which the research station) began to settle rapidly parasitic creatures (aliens), destroying all life. To neutralize these creatures on the planet sent a robot cleaner. Since the robot is dead, the parasites in a collision with him he was not harmed. To eliminate parasites robot sets the "magnetic traps", which attract and paralyze them. Also, the robot, moving blocks, can be trapped by the parasites. Parasite, wedged blocks after a while dying. If the parasite blocks sandwiched with other living parasites, it is not umret.Takzhe robot can include super mode and sawed one unit (the number of inclusions is not more than 10 as it requires a lot of enegrii.) On some levels deep and the robot includes a radial coverage. Parasites reproduce by laying cocoons, so do not hesitate to actions - or parasites fill all prostranstvo.Vasha task - controlling the robot, some areas of the planet clean of parasites.

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