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So this is update log for Prospekt Engine. This is one of biggest updates ever, so be sure to read it carefully.

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So hello everyone. Maybe you are wondering why it is taking me that long to finish v10 update when I promised that I will release it this weekend. It is taking me that long, becouse I am rewriting PRDE from latest Miracle Reborn. Why I am doing this? One of reasons is Lumiere. She stress tested PRDE and many bugs popped up. And it is hard for me to fix them all when PRDE have that much features. Also this is next thing what I am going to change. PRDE will be now "barebone" engine. What does it mean? It will have only basic features, so there will not be ones such as pets, quests or guilds. But all of them will be available as tutorials in special forum here. So you can easily integrate quests, pets or guilds back by following tutorials written by me. Also engine will be open source for everyone. But what happens with donators who already donated and got source? Donatorship is still valuable thing here, becouse big tutorials (such as for adding Pet System or Quest System) will be available for donators only. But I will also release some tutorials for non-donators.

So that is basic info. Now some actual progress on engine. Today I worked hard on v10 update. At first, I downloaded Miracle Reborn again and started changing design and doing some programming. Here is my progress for today:

  • Revamped MR button engine. Now it will be even easier to add new buttons or delete unused ones. Used same system as with GUI (made Enum ButtonType).
  • Ported PRDE combat messages but made them smaller by 50% so now they are 512x512 resolution.
  • Changed engine font to Calibri. This will also fix these [][][][][] messages appearing in empty NPC, item, resource and spell texts.
  • Added drop shadow to main window (looking very sexy)
  • Finnaly fixed fog system (fogs was not saving). Also fixed another hidden bug with fogs.
  • Optimized and fixed Sub PlayerAttackNPC, Sub NPCAttackNPC, Sub PlayerAttackPlayer, Sub NPCAttackPlayer
  • Fixed Fog speed scrollbar in Map properties
  • Now enviroment changes are visible immediately when pressed [OK] in Map Properties (such as tint, fog or panorama)
  • Added random tile placing to map editor (known from Eclipse Advanced)
  • New event commands: Change Vitals, Play Sound, Play Music, Stop Music, Show Picture
  • Fixed automation error on second surface image
  • Removed mouse movement (converted to tutorial what is ready to be posted on site)
  • Changed default PRDE graphics to license-free ones from Tekepon.net
  • Changed default PRDE music to license-free one by Bjorn Lynne
  • Changed default PRDE sounds to license-free ones what I collected from internet
  • Added faces back to engine and also found and converted faces what I added as default to engine
  • Becouse of above addition, now event chat is showing also face, not only NPC or player sprite
  • Fixed some bugs what I found in event engine and optimized drawing of event chat (removed duplicate codes)
  • Fixed many scrollbar bugs in Spell editor
  • Redesigned resource editor (now it is more readable and user-friendly
  • Fixed animation scrollbar in Resource editor
  • Optimized CastSpell and NPCCastSpell
  • Fixed animations not displaying in some cases
  • Now animations are also displayed for DoT and HoT spells
  • Optimized CheckResource sub and removed duplicate codes
  • Added particle engine
  • Changed default max events from 255 to 1000
  • Added missing sprite checks to character creation screen
  • Now faces are drawn on character creation screen too
  • Finished new button engine.
  • Optimized and fixed loading of button textures to memory and removed many unused buttons
  • Added classes back to engine
  • Added new option to Effect Editor - Modifier
  • Optimized and cleaned particle engine code. Reduced amount of it by around 60%
  • Added some error checks to particle engine
  • Fixed animation scrollbar in Resource editor
  • Added effect preview to Effect Editor
  • Added weather system
  • Added new commands to Event Editor (for example change fog, weather, map tint, fade in, fade out and flash)
  • Finished change vitals command in Event Editor
Prospekt Source v10

ScreenshotsClasses[Image: 997a3aaf880026c9037bbc5803416f1d.png]

Face on new character screen[Image: f0b3116a61cbaaa82cb5e154c903cf55.png]
Particle Engine[Image: 6b21bc6dcbfc886dc2b47af0d93ea866.png]
Effect Editor[Image: 6159fa1dda30e3d5559a079392362a55.png]
Effect Editor Preview [Image: f9aebefa7f666d7436a94eb0ce886b48.png]
Weather system[Image: 9f912be9fc6c16eeab8f33af92096c65.png]
[Image: b0e473d8b14d6a9796ec4df96a6d77cd.png]

This is all for now. If you remember some Miracle Reborn bugs, feel free to post them here.

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NICE,How i play this ?

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