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So yea.. Another two merged updated. We are realeasing updates on the fly :) But that´s sad, becouse our server was very unstable (now i think we fixed it). Anyway, read fulll article for more informations.

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So another two merged updates into one post Smile In this updates we finally added in game Donator system and we finnally finished our Resource system. We also fixed another bugs, and we made server alot more stable, and we added server self-restarter, so now, even if it will crash, it will be auto-restarted. Enjoy game, and report any bugs here or on our site :). By the way, if you do not noticed, we have new landing page (Prospekt2d.com). Video is just placeholder from older Prospekt, becouse we do not have any trailer for PR yet. And so....

... here, as usual, are our changelogs:
Legend: + = added; - = removed; * = bugfix; # = misc
v0.0.12 --> v0.0.13
+ Linked Donator system with events
- Change sprite from events
* Drop chances for resources
* Skill requirements for resources
* Event message

v0.0.11 --> v0.0.12
+ Simple in-game Donator system
+ Drop chances for resources
+ Skill requirements for resources
+ Party chat messages (F5 for Party chat channel)
* Player index checks (prevents server crashing)
# Fully DEBUGED server (added errorhandlers everywhere)
this will maybe help us fix server crashing bugs

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