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The first, very rough demo is out! Featuring the games core controls and concepts.

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Getting a demo out was anything but easy. I gave myself a hard deadline and barely, barely made it. And the build released with a bug that makes combat with the current NPC's non-functional, which is awesome. Really cool stuff, because it worked earlier yesterday, but released broken. That's life.

The demo, however small, allows me to ensure this game runs on various computers without issues. Given that I haven't touched optimization yet if it does run alright, that's a great sign. If not, I'll have some serious work to do.

As it is, the demo is a soft launch. I don't feel like it accurately reflects the final product. I'd like to add at least an hours worth of content into it before I'm comfortable showing it off, but if you'd like to see the rough start to the game, you can, right here :


Please message me if it doesn't run for you. And if you run into any glitches besides NPC's failing to run away in combat, please let me know as well.

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