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In this article I explain the basic concept of Project XenoWorld

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Hello everybody, I want to announce my game concept to Indiedb called atm Project XenoWorld. I know this game is a bit too big for a 14 year old newbie, but hey practise makes it perfect am I right?

I will briefly explain what genre the game is, what theme the game has, what overall design the game has, what kind of place and time the game takes place, for what type of people the game is designed for, what the core mechanics are and in what phase i am currently with the game.

Note: all the Characters have a Elemental Ability. Think of the Avatar: The last airbender or Pokémon.

3D Open World
3D Fighting

The characters design is heavily based on the japanese artstyle Anime, but of course with my little twist. The enviroment will look "semi-realistic" (like in the game Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE). The NPC's will have a colour shilloute if they are non-interactive in the game, if they are a little [ ! ] will appear above their head. If the character interact with them the NPC's shillouete will transition over their anime model (hope you know what i mean)

At the beginning the theme of the game is . . . but the more you advance in the game the more you know . . . You realize . . .

What type of people this game is desigmed for;
People who love fast paced exploring
People who love enjoying the view and take their time
People who love making their way to (X) in any possible way.
People who love to cooperate with their friends/family.
People who love action
People who love a . . . story.

Core mechanics;
The most important feature in this game is that the player is able to use their enviroment to their advantage to defeat their opponent and here are some of the core mechanics to help them;

(Placeholder name)TeleSwap: If the player has more than 1 character in their party, they are able to "teleport" and "swap"which eachother. However you can't TeleSwap while the character is in a attack/defense animation.

(Placeholder name) Action/defense triangle: based on the weapon triangle of Fire Emblem is a rock paper scissors mechanic. The atm called attack animation called BlockBreak can temporarily knock down (not K.O.) any character (except one). Parry can only parry BlockBreak and Ultimate attack (Stage 1). Doing nothing will win over Parry.

In short;
Parry defeats Block Break. Block Break defeats Any animation of the character. Doing nothing "defeats" Parry.

BTW if you miss Block Break or Parry you are going to have a bad time because of the endlagg.

Energy bar: little bit based on the pokemon uses thing for each move in the games, the energy bar will reduce each time you use a certain move. When it is completely depleted you can't use any type of special ability based attacks.

Stamina Bar: the stamina bar reduces every time you use a animation that isnt idle, eating, sleeping or relaxing. But it will regenerate after the animation is done, however it will only give you 30% of the lost stamima back. When the stamina is lower then 50% the character will become very tired, weak and slow. If the stamina is at 5% the character will give all their energy and will fight at its max (10% more damage then usual) but the character will get KO'ed if he gets hit 3 times.

Supportive mode: While playing with(a) friend(s)/family, you can press the select button to let your fighting character to be a supporter. You can't reduce your opponents health bar anymore, but your defense "status" is higher and you can help your team mate to give them a advantage.

Parkouring: The enviroment of the place where the story takes place is designed to have atleast 3 ways to go to a certain location, but ofcourse with style. This "mechanic" heavily needs TeleSwap and Eviromental Ability to work.

(Placeholder name) Eviromental Ability: while outside of fighting you want to go to a certain place, but it is too far/too dark/too high/etc. So for example we take one of the characters called Satoshi Tetsuya. His Elemental ability is fire. So what he can do when he is exploring a cave is making a fire ball and use it as a torch. And in the forest he can destory the trees if the player wants to. Every playable character has a unique Eviromental Ability. Combine that with TeleSwap and you can go pretty much anywhere you want to go.

And At last i will briefly talk about the main characters;

Hiroki Raiden; 15 year old guy that lives in the country called Lynia. Along with his only friend Emiko Chinatsu, both of them live in povetry and don't like to talk about their childhood. Hiroki's Ability is Electric (Lightning isn't the same).

Emiko Chinatsu: A 16 year old "defect" girl that lives with Hiroki. Her Ability is Ki (less destructive then in the DB series.

Ren Aqualyn Tetsuya: A 17 year old introvert that lives in a special family in the island group: Arcena. Her only friends in the prologue are Hiroki and Emiko. Her ability is Fire, but uses Water mainly because of . . .

Satoshi Tetsuya: the Twin brother of Ren and is one of the . . . Fighter. His ability is Fire.

Shinji Katsumi: a 17 year old . . . fighter in the city of . . . He and his best friend Hagane Tetsu always "fight" for girls, food, rank, etc. His Ability is Ice.

Tetsu Hagane: a 17 year old . . . fighter in the city of . . . He and his best friend Shinji Katsumi always "fight" for girls, food, rank, etc. His Ability is Metal.

Hoshimi Hoshizora: a 15 year old that loves doing things fast and quick. She loves racing with Hiroki and likes to eat. Along with her twin sister Honama, they both lost something a long time ago and are after the prologue . . . Her ability is wind

Honama Hoshizora: twin sister of Hoshimi. Honama loves viewing sceneries and always takes her time to do something. She likes to help her sister and loves to mock Emiko for a reason. Her Ability is Rock.

And those are the main characters.

I hope you enjoyed the read and if you guys have a suggestion, question Anything related to this game, please say it in the comment section, it really will make me happy :D.

That was it for this time, I hope you will look forward for the next update of the development of the game: Project XenoWorld.

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