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What's new about The Game: Video Game? Check it out! :)

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Hello again. Last days were very exausting. I builded first working prototype, finished part of main character animations and changed game artstyle (you can see it on last screenshot).

Below more details about game:
- Classic point' n' click adventure - more about funny story than illogic riddles.
- Plot full of famous game heroes and stuping things about current generation gaming.
- Hand drawn graphics in Full HD (scaled down for other resolutions) - I haven't got much talent, but I have heart!
- Story will be devided in 9 parts: prologue, 7 episodes and epilogue. Yes, you will get it all at the time of debut.
- Part of the game will be fully dubbed. Rest of it will have narrator - old clip from office software.
- In the background, you will hear at least 8 track - something like Genesis/Mega Drive 16-bit console sounds.

That's all for now. :)

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