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Fresh news about RULE: new models; craft system.

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Hi, friends!
Today i'm going to show you some new things, that i've added this week. I have not much time to work on the project - only nights and weekend, but still i do my best to make RULE as good, as it's possible:) Let's start!

First, new model.

Model - Stick with leafs (v 0.0442)
Stick with leafs

But this is only the small part of the whole progress, that i've done this week.

Yes, i've finally started to do craft system. The whole craft process is very simple. In the beginning of the game, when you haven't some special tools for craft, the only things you can work with are your hands. Thats right: you only have to select items you want to combine and combine it with your hands:

Craft - combination (v 0.0443)

For example, if you have some stick in your hands you can make it more useful after removing all leafs from it:

Craft - Window (v 0.0443)

The speed of craft, quality of new item, amount of EXP depends on your craft skill:

Craft - Window (v 0.0443)

And if you can't combine some items, it will be shown in the craft window:

Craft - Window (v 0.0443)

You can see the whole craft process in the following video! Hope, you'll like it!


And of course, don't forget traditional synday question:

Should craft system be realistic? Combine items, that you can combine in the real life etc. Use real amout of material, to craft something useful?

Please, leave your comments to make RULE better, all your opinions are very important for me!

That was all for this week! Stay with RULE and see you next sunday!

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