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Fresh news about RULE: drag & drop inventory; building improvement.

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Hi, Max is here, and some fresh news are coming!

First, thank you all for your answers concerning previous Sunday News, it was really helpful, freinds! And second, let's look at some new features, that i've added this week.

Yes, i've improved inventory and now all works just fine. You can see it in the following video.

I've also improved building system. The material for new sructure is in players left hand, and id you want to build ex. stone wall, you should have your material (stone) in the left hand and your instruments in tyhe right hand. If you will not have material (or it will be less than you need) you won't build anything.

Buillding system improve (v 0.0441)
"Select material" message

Buillding system improve (v 0.0441)
"Not enough material" message

Buillding system improve (v 0.0441)
Box made of dry sticks

Hope, this small details will make RULE more realistic;)

And as bonus you can see all new stuff "in action" in the following video.

Also, i've already started to make craft system, but i won't promise you anything;)

What about perks? Should the player be able to choose it during the game (ex. Fallout, Skyrim) or get it automatically, when stat or skill is up?

Please, leave your comments to make RULE better!

So, friends, that was all for now, hope you've enjoyed;)
See you next time!:)

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