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Brief summary of game. Go to bio to see positions that need to be filled up.

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The game is very complex, and the route you take revolves around who you see as doing right or who you believe is the bad guy or good guy. Here, I will post some of the main characters before moving on.Nitro: The main character of the renegade group, is also the brother of propaganda. His power engulfs him in a red, wispy smoke like substance that takes on the form of a draconic humaniod.Propaganda: Nitro's brother. He is very talented with engineering, and so created his own suit and weapons specialized in killing Nitro. He ruthlessly hunts down his brother, and does not care that he is his brother. Is the main character of the manpower group.Folsom, the main character of the criminal group. He is a pirate of the shores of Africa, and was imprisoned only to escape and join a team of criminals that try to take advantage of the war between humans and zephyrs to gain massive amounts of power.Mason: Main character of the zephyr group besides Centauri. He is exposed to the zephyr's reasons for fighting, and is forced to kill humans to help and support them. He was originally part of the UN's military as an experienced ground troop.This project is still a big work in progress, and if you read my bio you will see what I am looking for now. Currently, I am unable to pay anybody, and so anybody who works here works anytime they can or wants to. Also, more will be posted on this thread about this game. If anybody has questions, post them below and I will answer them

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