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Our game is magic-themed and revolves around a procedurally generated maze. Monsters are scattered over the maze, so the player has to wield their magic powers to protect themselves. Occasionally through the maze, the player will encounter puzzles that they will have to solve in order to leave the maze.

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Hello everyone, welcome to our first dev blog! We are MAZE, a team of five students learning about game development and working on our very first big project.

We've been working on the game for a few weeks while in school. We've been learning and exploring through all aspects of game development, which has been a huge challenge for us. We're still excited to show you what we have!

Coming this week:

  • A final boss after you defeat the maze
  • Reworking enemy spawning
  • Adding a new turret enemy
  • Adding healing rooms
  • Updating the UI art
  • Improving the sound & music
  • And of course, fixing bugs

The goal for this week is to make a large push for new content so that we can start polishing and improving what we already have.

Plans for the near future:

  • Finalize the game title and icon
  • Incorporate our story into the maze
  • Clear up confusion and polish the maze
  • Working with VAs to get voice lines
  • Working with music artists to get new music
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