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Hi everyone i have some troublesome news about the project. You see i tried to uses the level editor of Amnesia and the fact is that whenever i try to works in the project (included the maps that have alot stuffs or trying to add custom static objects or entities) the game crash and it closes itself with or without the black box and so i can't really continues the project until someone could help me in my custom story or until someone find a solution about that because that would be disappointed if i have to cancel my first custom story. Such a thing that i don't wish to do.

Anyway all i can say is that i did made a bit progress in the mansion map but because of thoses crash of the app well let's say that i loses every progress i made in this custom story and that i always have to save when i put or edit a single thing. That's really annoyed so i have to wait hopefully that i'll won't have to cancel my project because of thoses crash problem. If you wish to help me out on that one feel free.

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