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Some long deserved updates for Project Icarus. Including development and game specific updates.

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  • Our programmers are working on health, game UI, menus, and networking. We're thinking about using Photon Cloud services in our to run our first Pre-Alpha build. Once we feel we're comfortable with that, the rest of the programming will come easy.
  • Rigging will begin on the models and our animator Torrian will take a crack at it and hopefully we'll be ready in time.
  • August 1st is our scheduled tech demo. Doing this will let us understand where we are and where we need to be come the August 20th reveal.

Game Specifics:

  • Since we just finished a basic form of the Hossuun, we're now looking into the Sons of Icarus concept art. Our artist, Christie Shinn, is talented at this sort of stuff, so expect some sweet concept art soon along with speed modeling by Francois Klose, our character modeler.
  • We've decided to strip the story out of Project Icarus and make it just a multi-player game. Our idea of introducing story elements dependent on faction wins was battled within and we all decided to just remove the elements all together. If you've seen the timeline before and are hurt by our decision, try not to worry, because we're working on making it a web series.

August 20th is a big day for us. It marks the return of Lethal Lens with its youtube shows, as well as a brand new step into something completely different. Project Icarus is something we've all wanted to do, but were afraid to take the necessary steps to get it done. I'm confident that my team will conquer our current issues and succeed in making a game worthy of your time.

So what's happening August 20th? Well, we wanted to reach out and see how many of you are interested in this new endeavor, in which we're opening up Pre-Alpha testing to the public. Since we're using the photon cloud servers, we can only max things out at 50 users. So, in the upcoming days, on the Project Icarus website, we'll have a contact form for you guys to fill out and register for the pre-alpha testing. It will be on a first come, first serve basis. It was going to be a friends and family ordeal, but we realized we didn't have enough to truly stress test the game; we decided to go public.

The incentives to join the pre-alpha, if being a part of the first steps isn't exciting enough, would be a discount of the game come release. All the participants will receive an amazing discount of the game when it comes time to release the full version. We also want to give out special prizes to those who participate. Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to mention what these prizes will be since we don't even know what they are just yet. The company is still going under budgetary structuring for the development, and we have no real funding just yet.

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