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Im sad to announce that the project didnt reached the funding goal and that we cant continue on it any more.

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The Project is frozen again

Hello people!

Its a sad day but not a dark one as we announce that this project has been stopped and come to hold. The Indiegogo campaign didnt worked out so well wich might or might not come down to the fact that we had a slow start on it.

I myself as Author and Owner of the project did underestimate the marketing and the overall process. THe game might look good and has shown alot of potencial but when you dont get enough views and big people to look at it all your talent is worth 0.

This isnt a day to tear!

We learned alot from this, met alot of new people and grow alot stronger. So overall you can say the next time will be alot better, wich i cant spoil yet.

All the indiegogo funds have been manually refund so the few people get their money back and we go off the grid with a clear coat.

We hope that you will stay with us for the future!

With that said i close this down but i leave you my twitter so you can stay in touch!

Have a nice Week!

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