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Heathen Engineering is gearing up for development of "Project Fury".

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Heathen Engineering is gearing up for development of "Project Fury" (working title only). The title will be developed on Unity 3D and is aiming at an initial multi-platform release on PC, Mac and Linux with possible future expansion to the console platforms.
The game is a sci-fi sandbox where the player starts his or her adventure in command of a single capital class ship. Through game play the player may join an existing NPC controlled faction, forge their own faction or may choose a non-faction linked mode of play such as bounty hunting, piracy etc. The game will feature action oriented, tactical and strategic game play options depending on the paths the player has chosen and how the player chooses to engage the galaxy. Systems such as resource management, mercantile, wing and fleet management, politics, bounty boards and organized crime such as piracy will play a significant role in the game.
Mentioned earlier the specific style of gameplay is dependent on the player's choices; the player will always command at least 1 ship being their own aka flag ship but may also command a wing, fleet or multiple fleets in battle. The project has a focus on player immersion offering interesting challenges for innovative UI design and will feature a "Game Intelligence" system which attempts to type the player's avatar and adjusts game behaviour accordingly presenting great opportunities for anyone interested in typology, machine learning and system intelligence.
In addition to the above mentioned UIX, AI and analytics roles Heathen Engineering is also looking to add artists and general programmers to the team. The project has been in a WIP state for the past year with a single developer effort focused on prototyping and conception; you can see the state of this effort on Heathen Engineering's main site (see the Homepage link) or here on Indie DB on Project Fury's game page (see Games). If you are interested in joining the development team please contact Heathen Engineering via private message on Indie DB or by e-mailing the address registered for Heathen Engineering on our summary page.

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