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One of the final articles before Project Flesh Release showing the challenges and just a general update.

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After a lot of problems (all my fault) with Steam, from not doing the necessary research, Project Flesh is releasing in 2 days, on the 7th December for £3.99 , only 1 month from when I originally wished to release it ! I am very excited for release and I will link to the steam page here : Project Flesh Store Page

I would like to show off some more stuff before release such as the challenges, there is a list of challenges in the main menu, if all of them are completed you unlock Extreme mode, a super hard version of the tunnels, each challenge is completed by finishing a run using only the specified parts.

So here are the Challenges -

you can use any additional addons and parts, just not any different limbs, for example you can still use snail armour and intestines and it will not affect the challenge.

Feathered Friend

Complete a run using only parts from the bird the full list is : Bird Wings, Bird Legs, Bird Eye, Bird Beak.

Feathered Friend

Gone Fishing

Complete a run using only the fishing hook, you are allowed to use any eye with this combination but no arms or legs.


Tip the Scales

Complete a run using only parts from the Snake the full list is : Snake Eye, Snake Mouth, No arms, No legs.


Feeling Sluggish

Complete a run using only parts from the Snail the full list is : Snail Eye, Snail Shell, No Arms, No Legs.


Top Heavy

Complete a run using any parts you wish as long as you never use any legs throughout.


Wild Card

Complete a run using any combination of parts as long as each one is from a different animal.


Fear the Frog

Complete a run using only parts from the Frog the full list is : Frog Mouth, Frog Legs, No Arms, Any Eye.


Earth Worm

Complete a run using nothing, just the default worm as he is birthed in the beginning.

Upon completing a challenge the challenge name in the menu will go green and you will receive a popup next time you enter the main menu like this :

ffs 1

That is it for today, I will be posting more things every day up til release please check out the steam page, and consider supporting this game on the 7th, Thank you so much for your support.


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