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Post news RSS Project Dualis 'first days' demo is out!

A demo version showing the first few days of both character arcs is now available for download. Any comments are welcome! Work is still in progress and we hope to able to release the full version in April or so.

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As the title says, this update brings you a demo version of Project Dualis, showing the first few days of both character arcs. The sprites and music are final version quality, but unfortunately the aforementioned voice acting is still being worked on and is not included in this demo.

The development is very much WiP, as a portion of the GC art is still in the making, as well the work for voice acting. There isn't a set release date yet, but April 2013 is a very positive estimate.

And once again, any sort of feedback is appreciated. (No, seriously, I will read it all...)

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