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Project Dagger is now being resurrected with new vision !

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Hello !

Its been a year since we've posted.

Last year, we were sidetracked and the some of the members are busy with their life or getting overwhelmed by other stuff. Now in 2020, we are ready to return with new vision and scope that is more refined and surely will interest both old school and new players alike.

We are also approaching a name change, since Project Dagger might be a strong reference to other game we do not intend to reference. The game will now be called as Undaunted. Upcoming info relating to name changes and massive gameplay design will be introduced in upcoming months.

Below are few stuff we have been working on since the development has been restarted again in a few weeks back ; new theme and massive overhaul to game design, uplifted graphics with the power of Unity 2019.3 Engine, and some concepts for the foul creatures you will fight.



FPS hands

Minos Labyrinth

Teaser 03

Teaser 01

teaser 04

Teaser 05

In Minos Labyrinth, delve deep to discover riches and curses kept hidden for centuries, The ever-changing dungeon of Minos will always surprise the brave adventurer who dares to step inside.

We would once again like to emphasize that we are still looking for 3D animators and 3D modelers, who would be eager to create environmental assets, props, vegetation, and characters. We are also interested in an additional concept artist or two. Do note, however, that our project is based on revenue share for the early access phase. You can send us your portfolio to trimatrainteractive@gmail.com

If you have any questions or would like to follow the game’s development, feel free to join our public Discord: Discord.gg

We hope to deliver an early gameplay look in the coming months so stay tuned and celebrate the awakening. Stay tuned for more information !



Since its inspired by The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall,
Will it have nudity content as in option ( for character appearance equipment undressed to actual naked, instead of permanent censored behind undergarments) like how daggerfall or other games like that has. En.wikipedia.org
Im fan of it.
I dont want it to be censored like how they did for future ES like ES3,then so on..

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trimatrainteractive Author

Hi ! Thanks for your interest to Undaunted !
Regarding Nudity, that was an element often seen in many old-school games, with their pixel graphics. We will be considering nudity as an uncensored version after the game is finished if there is enough demand for that.

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Nice and ok, but please do if possible

You know some modern games with their modern graphics also has this type of nudity content too like look at Mortal Online , Conan exiles (especially), and other games like that

( like look at this preview of Conan exiles ) Youtube.com

which also inspired by Elder scroll 2 nudity style,isnt it? :)

So yeah it must also happen to this game too .( or as in optional at least)

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it's very pleasing that such a good project still alive, since people are asking about content... can we expect the same world scale compared to Daggerfall?

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