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Cyberun is an Cyberpunk Endless Runner game, in which the whole universe of the game is connected and reacts to certain stimulus of the gameplay. It works like Temple Run or Minion Rush: the player runs endlessly through a landscape that is randomly generated, dodging obstacles and collecting 'coins'. However, CyberRun have a really beautiful sci-fi art, with futuristic and animated neon textures, and with a exciting gameplay.

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Cyberun, despite already be available for Download, is not complete... There's some features that we want to add. In this article, i'm gonna show you the Pickup Itens that the game has, and a little bit of what the full version of the game will have! Enjoy, and make sure to Download the free Demo version while still available, haha!

More information: Facebook.com

Cyberun (win32bits)

On the free Demo version, the itens consists in 2 types: Discs and Spheres.

The Blue Disc gives to the player 1 point:

Blue Disc

The White Disc gives to the player 15 points:


The Green Disc gives to the player 20% speed reduction:

Green Disc

The Blue Sphere/Disc make the environmet spawn without obstacles during 7 secs:

Blue Sphere

Blue Disc

The Pink Sphere/Disc make all the other itens at a ray of 1m be attracted to the player:

Pink Sphere

Pink Disc

The Full Version of the game will have a marketplace, by wich the player will be able to buy upgrades to the pickup itens, buy skins to the characters, buy new characters, and even buy new modes of game. There will be a reward in coins for every score in gameplay! Also, the player may buy coins with real money, to get his upgrades fast, beat the record and, the more important, save mankind from the robots!

Marcos 'kskaWarrior' Figueiredo, Warrior Game Studios' Game Designer

*The game available for download is still a Beta Demo and it is subject to updates

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