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I'm pleased to introduce: The Factions of Berimbau

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Monday! That means updates! Todays feature update...the FACTIONS!

Story Update:
The central plot line of the Berimbau universe revolves around clandestine duels between fighters in single combat, but really...why do they fight? At the heart of this fight are the same clashes we see in our world today: economic, religious, and political struggles. The three factions of the Berimbau each encompass a different ideal.

The Hokuten:
The elite military sector of the Greater Wing, a governing nation that claims over half of the world's population. As a technologically driven empire, they use massive steam engines to power their war machines. The empire is ruled over by the divine emperor-saint who is said to have ruled for the last three-hundred years. The Hokuten represent the most disciplined fighters of the Greater Wing, acting as both their secret police and death squads, removing the impurities from their beloved society. Armed with frightening weapons designed over centuries of warfare, the Hokuten are some of the most feared martial artists in the world.

Their armor and technology design draw references from steampunk and sci-fi.

The Black Rose:
A devout religious sect, the Black Rose worship a figure known as the Emergent God. While the Hokuten are more technologically advanced, the Black Rose are far more wealthy. Starting as a secret society of rich and influential merchants, the Black Rose grew quickly, with large sects emerging throughout the continent as well as within the Greater Wing and island chains. The conflict between the Rose and the Hokuten stems from the influence of the Black Rose throughout the empire. The Greater Wing is dependent upon controlling its inhabitants, and it is unheard of that its people worship anyone except their emperor-saint.

Their clothing and weapons have its roots in the European tradition, with elegant lines and decoration.

The Vagrants:
A strange but important faction of duelists walk the path of the Vagrant. Living for the duel and very little else, the Vagrants are often hard to discern from the strings of homeless that wander the war torn countrysides and cities left in the wake of the Greater Wing. While both the Rose and the Hokuten are organized as groups, the Vagrants are held together simply by what's called a "Blade Rite", an ancient tradition passed down from the First Teacher, a "Wandering Master" of sorts who taught the Vagrants the way of the sword.

Their attire and weaponry draw from the ideal of the wandering samurai/ronin.

(Next Update: Location Spotlight - Domus Placidus )


Wow, that sounds great. I'm glad you guys have put thought into this. Because even if it is a multi-player game, a backstory is still important.

also, "the vagrants"? samurai champloo? ;P

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