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I've implemented some new features and content in the past week which I demonstrate in the uploaded video.

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Here's my second news update about what's been implemented so far!
For the last week, I've mainly been working on creating the various menus for the game.

New improvements:
- A complete menu system (settings, character slots, pause menu, etc).
- The Wizard class (only partly finished), but it's not ready to be demonstrated yet.
- New "screens" or "levels" or whatever you want to call them.
- Full support to play with an Xbox 360 controller.
- Some minor general tweaks to improve gameplay and overall feeling.

I'm currently working on finalizing the Wizard class.
When that's done, I'll implement "core items", such as Feather Boots which will improve the ability to jump (and of course several other items that I'll come up with).

I've also been thinking about having some sort of skill/talent system where you may put points in different passive abilities to improve your character, such as restoring a small portion of your health when dealing damage to enemies, etc (this is still just in the "idea stage" at the moment).

Here's a video of the game's current gameplay:

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