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After over a month of effort, and diligent feedback from our players, we have a very exciting update, Progression 2.0 AND Aesthetics!

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After over a month of effort, and diligent feedback from our players, we have a very exciting update, Progression 2.0 AND Aesthetics!

The unlocks system now provides what the game needed most: direction. Although tutorials, quests, and campaigns, got players in the game, many felt lost when it came to how to best upgrade their avatars. Fascinatingly enough, many players simply didn't know what tools were available for upgrading their gladiators!


The new unlocks page now acts as the centralized hub for expanding the player's capabilities. It gives a sky-high view of how much of the game's modifiers, traits, skins, and more they have yet to unlock. For each unlockable, it has a short description, and a detailed description with numeric and visual examples. Also, unlocking now grants you an item with that new modifier, trait, skin, etc so the player can try it out immediately! Neat!

Unlock Reward

The unlocks page will even list out unlocks that are in your inventory or campaign! No more forgetting about those beloved voxel shop slots or even more importantly, the voxel smith itself!

In Campaign Unlocks

In our follow-up patch, we also greatly polished the game's aesthetic! Rebalancing post effects, contrast, adding motion blur, overhauling nearly all particle effects, and adding background props like a jumbotron and stadium lights, all of which greatly enhance the cinematic feel of the game!

Crossbow Snipe

It may seem small, but trust us, it makes a world of difference, and the players agree! It feels like a new game!

Forging Glory Early Access

Last but not least, we would like to mention that you can get the game for FREE by joining our Discord and requesting a beta key! First come, first serve!

We can't wait for you to join the ranks of gladiators!

Complete patch notes are listed below:


  • UNLOCK SYSTEM! Helps guide and teach you every mechanic in the game!


  • AESTHETICS OVERHAUL! Embrace the glow!

    Two Hand Sword Knock Off

  • Next Steps panel will guide you through your gladiatorial career!

    Next Steps Panel


  • Overhauled nearly all particle effects to be less "loud" visually. Thanks classicdeems!
  • Added stadium lights and stands around environment. Thanks Mazur!

    Crossbow Snipe

  • Updated post-effects: contrast, darkened environment, added motion blur effect, more bloom!
  • Next Steps panel will now inform players of unlockable inventory items within campaigns.
  • Added Dragon Warrior skin to unlocks. Thanks ZeroTolerance!

    Dragon Warrior Skin

  • Pistols are now held a bit further apart from center, like the bow. Thanks Mazur!
  • Campaign arenas will display an icon representing each state: no activity with no icon, preparing match with an hourglass, or playing with swords.

    Campaign Arena Status

  • Added Refresh button to campaign page. Thanks August!
  • Removed Forging Glory logo from GIF generator.


  • Style combos will finish before the match ends, so you no longer lose them.
  • Unlocks available per category no longer drop down to one.
  • GIFs now upload again.
  • Dead and knocked down avatars no longer push living avatars aside.
  • Non-killing hits on frozen body parts no longer shatter them. Scrawny bros begone! Thanks August!
  • Spinning parts of Tech Knight environment now spin again.
  • Skybox seams removed. Thanks Bubben!
  • Ranged crosshair no longer scales weirdly based on look direction.
  • Completion of all Next Steps no longer cause errors.
  • Might have fixed the annoying "avatars stretch in post-match" bug.


  • Discord button is now on the main menu.
  • Updated agreement.
  • Banner in main menu.
  • Fixed prefab icon creation collisions.
  • Additional protection to ensure a failed server doesn't lock up a campaign arena for two minutes.
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