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Few months have passed, its time to make a summary.

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The progress is really big and we did it in every aspect of the game - graphics, sound, game's core...


Nothing to say, just listen :)


The overall quality and performance increased significantly. We added some missing things to our rendering pipeline and reworked few other. Now it is possible to have about 100fps with decent resolution even on old hardware.

img7 1


We added monsters. Now we have ten fully animated, scary dungeon beasts awaiting for your blood. There are classic ones like spider, golem (above image), rat or undead:


... and something more original:

abomination attack


Before descending into dungeons player needs to create his party - choose 4 of 20 heroes. Now it is possible, and 12 of 20 heroes are designed. All of them with their unique combinations of skills and abilities.


Skills and abilities were announced in our previous article. Now we fully implemented their mechanics and connected them with items (because items can give bonuses too) - more than 50 'modificators' are implemented: such basic things like AddStr, AddCon through more interesting: AddDefFir, AddDefIce and so on, MulMagDmg, MulHeal, ending with AddVamp and MulTarget (MulTarget = modifies the base chance of being hit by attacking monster, so we can make a tank character! ).

Opening doors with single key is boring? Now we are able to make very complex locks. To be honest everything can be a lock and it can have more than one 'key'. For example - to open the doors you need to complete the puzzle:


More will come :)

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