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Hey guys! Just thought i would share our progess with you...

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Hey guys!
Just thought i would share our progess with you! :)

Although we have been quite i can assure you work is going better than ever :) Our quality of work just keeps on increasing the farther into this project we progress.

Now as the business of Chrismas and New Year is over (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by the way!) we can work madly on the game.

However we fear another delay might be in order. This is due to going back to some old parts of the game and fixing them to be at the currently level of quality we are producing :) We are unsure how long but we estimate about a month.

As for progress, we now have a sounds man, by the name of Cody Flick. He has submitted to us a bunch of nice sounds and we will continue to work with him to make the best of his talent.

Well thats about it really, i bet Normy will follow with another post no doubt with a screenshot and soon after that, i video im sure ;) So stay tuned and thanks for following!


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