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CounterAttack has been on Early access for almost two months now. There are lots of high scores, Steam cards are available, and tons of feedback!

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The Early Access for CounterAttack is going pretty good so far! The (limited) feedback has been positive - 93% positive to be exact. The discussion forums are seeing some activity, and many people are giving great suggestions. While people are playing local and online multiplayer, single player seems to be the most popular. We would love to see more people online though.

Blue View

Updates and enhancements are continuing, and as always more weapons! One of the new weapons is the Heat Ray, a short range high damage weapon that clears out bunched up enemies quickly.

heat ray wreking

A new interesting attachment that isn't exactly a weapon is the Ultimate Enhancer. It improves each ships ultimate, making them even stronger. For Biff, instead of one big beam he gets 2 extra side beams.

Biff spread ult

With the Ultimate Enhancer, Sloane gets 6 support fighters instead of 4.

Sloane 6 ships

All 7 characters are now done and in game! Marucs, Ayumi, Sloane, Biff, Joe, Sarah, and Carl. Each with a unique ship and ultimate ability. Further customized by attachments and weapon conversions.

All 7 characters

Probably the most liked update since early access launch has been the trading cards. It's really interesting to see players collecting and trading them. The foil cards are currently selling for about $1 to $2, which we find very cool! Surely with time they will come down in price, but for now players are extra lucky when they get the foil drops.

trading cards

There is still a lot we want to add before we transition from Early Access to full release. We need to create another trailer (anybody interested in helping? Give us a shout!), fix as many bugs as we can find, polish the menus, add more attachments (currently there are 60, we're going for at least 100), add a global chat, and maybe even add a spectator mode for multiplayer!

We are of course always looking for feedback and feature suggestions, so please feel free to contact us.

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