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Over the last few days I have been working on two fronts on Full Metal Combat. The first is the continuing of codding competitor AI and the second is the addition of another Boss AAU in the form of Cerberus.

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Progress Update:

The road to good AI is a very very long one how ever I have recently reached another mile marker. Over the last couple of days I have been working on the Competitor AI for the game, in particular the AI needed for them to VS you in arena matches. To this end I have now given them some basic path finding so they can navigate around the arena as well as logic designed for a few of the match modes, this way the AI knows the goals of the particular match and will act accordingly. At current I have added logic for Base Defense, Conquest, Capture The Flag, Death Match, King Of The Hill, Last Man Standing and Team Death Match. That still leaves Body Guard, AAU Hunt, Gauntlet Run, Heroes Challenge, Maze Challenge, Poker, Swarm Defense, Tower Climb and Treasure Hunt to go but I am a bit over AI for the moment so I will swing back to them at a latter date.

The other addition I have been working on is far more interesting to me and that is the addition of a new Boss and boss level with Cerberus.

Cerberus is a very large boss that stands just over 15m tall and resides on the top level of Tower X.

He is so tall that to fight him effectively you need to be on a higher level then he is on which leads to a different and interesting level design. In this boss level you move around on a different level to Cerberus putting the two of you at equal gun height. The level also has several energy bridges that you can turn on and off at will to move about the level or if you can manage it you can use them to trap Cerberus in a small area to make him easier to deal with. I have also added some flaming pillars to the level which you can turn off as well and if you turn off the right ones you get a surprise but I will wait till people play the game to find out what it is. The energy bridges will also be used in earlier level of this building to get the players used to using them before the boss battle. At current I have not decided what sort of prize you will get when you defeat Cerberus and if any one has any ideas feel free to suggest them.

Thanks for your time as always if you want to keep a closer eye on this games progress or give ideas and sugestions about aspects of the game please have a look at the face book page and comment with your oppinions and thoughts.

Good luck to you all when you face Cerberus at full power. :)

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