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Started implementing policy, traffic system in the works, new building and overall polish.

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This week I've mainly worked on systems and bug fixes.
Most of the squashed bugs have been buidlings not setup correctly (box colliders, layers etc), so nothing huge has been found.

On the systems side of things, I've started implemented policies. First off simpler stuff like tax rates. Currently I've got tax rates for low, mid and high skilled labour implemented as well as commercial and industrial tax rates.


Along with the tax policies I've also added a new city stat - happiness. This depends on overall health, education and wealth levels as well as on current levels of pollution and tax rates. In the future I will add unemployment and safety into the mix as well. The level of happiness determines how fast your city grows, when happiness is too low, citizens will start to move out of the city.


A system for traffic is also in the works. Currently this is rather simplistic - cars are spawned and then drive around with no goal or purpose. The concept I'm working on should end up working though, but will require a few more weeks before it is fully functional and looks good.


Only one new building has been made this week - The centrifugal particle extractor. This building serves the same function as the atmospheric particle filtration plant, namely to filter out carbon, metal dust, sand etc. from the atmosphere for use in other production facilities. The centrifuge is more expensive and requires more electricity and water to function properly, but on the other hand pollutes much less. The idea is that this building will become viable only after having built a sizeable city.


I've tweaked the screen space reflections a bit and found a good balance between visuals and performance. It looks good especially during nights I find.



That's all for this week. More stuff next week!

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