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A sum-up of what I've done so far with the game, chapter 1.

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Sorry folks for not updating you about the progress, I've been busy for a few days now, and haven't been able to keep you up-to-date with the game's progression.

But to be honest, the game is coming along quite nicely. The "start" of the game (including the actual start, getting used to the game...) is nearing its end, and soon the game reaches the point, where you can just throw off the main story, and go wherever you want. Nothing is binding you (except a few quests to get to ships) and you can go explore the whole map how you like. For example, you can't get to know all the possible party member candidates if you just follow the main quest.

Making games with RPG Maker VX Ace is sometimes complicated, but in the end, there is always a solution. It's the game engine I always wanted. Simple and fun to use. Even if this game will be just my "test" on what I can do with it, I'll make this game as awesome as I can.

That's all for now, folks. Stay tuned and track this game on IndieDB for latest updates about King's & Heroes!

(I was thinking of posting some screenshots, but it's late now, and I'm going to sleep. Maybe I'll post them tomorrow? Good night.)

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