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I have done a minor oops today. I need to reinstall the mod kit...

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Minor Delay

I accidentally deleted "BP_Human". That is the player file used by the game. I've tried to replace it, but there are just too many variables to reconnect. What I'll have to do is I'll have to reinstall the mod kit. :( This shouldn't cause too much of a delay; probably a day or so, but nonetheless, I have indeed done an oops.

4th Floor

There is now a "4th Floor"! It is another room styled like the Camera Room, but it has our good old friend Sharkotron! If you have a growing hatred for lamps, then you should throw the lamp in the water, not only does it kill the lamp, it also stuns Sharkotron for a second! I also added a little balcony on the side of it, and a ladder all the way up there! Once you get the Wrench, you should be able to get up there easily.

The Main Door

The main door now has 2 metal beams nailed into it. If you want to leave, you'll need to pry those off.

Idea For Boards

This idea is for doors that open inward. For example, the door can open, but you can't get in because the boards are blocking it.

Back Area Of The House

This area is a simple room that MIGHT have something in it...

Alternate Exit Point

This will be an alternate method of escape, that will involve water.

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