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Happy Thanksgiving! This is the documentation for what has been developed already: -Tutorial is completed -Most of the alpha main menu is completed -Gameplay mechanics and system is being thought up -The Archer has her dungeon crawling animations in the alpha stages

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-Tutorial is completed
Entire dialogue from bartender that explains how the menu and the game work to the player is set up and completed. There will be helpful in-game tooltips, but no entire tutorial level for gameplay (it's basically self-explanitory).

-Most of the alpha main menu is completed
The menu now actually has some interaction to it. Things left needed to be done include bartender's submenu, the spelunker's bios, and the game room.

-Gameplay mechanics and system is being thought up
We want Cakequest to play like a single-player Dota in terms of progression through the game. When you start a new dungeon, you will have a clean slate. But all of the glories of your accomplishments will not be in vain; records, unlockables, vanity items, and new ways to build your favorite spelunker are planned to appear with more experience you have in the game.

Dungeon navigation is based on a combo of Chrono-Trigger, Zelda, Super Paper Mario, and Binding of Isaac. You will start battles when you walk into enemies. Enemies will only come after you if they have vision of you (so stealth is a choice). Puzzles, prizes, and other neat-o stuff is planned to be found in the rooms of dungeons.

-The Archer has her dungeon crawling animations in the alpha stages
Chris has begun drawing the Archer and animating her with what she will look like during gameplay. It's coming together! Also, the Archer will be the first spelunker to be fully integrated into the game. Sort of like a guinea pig with a bow and arrow.

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