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I plan on revamping the music, adding more cut scenes, adding a stage select, and making more levels.

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Features so far:

*Physics engine
- Can move left / right, jump, and double jump.
- Springs are functional
- Falling off the edge of a level will kill you
- Spikes only hurt from the top
- Moving spike machines
- Ominous floating ghost head will kill you!
*Items / objectives
- So far, only coins are collectible
- Collecting all of a level's coins will allow you to enter the door to the level
- All sound effects are functional
- All placeholder music has been implemented
- Graphics are all drawn and animated.
*Save / Load
-As of right now, the only form of progress saving is by codes,

Plans for the future:
- Adding hard-to-reach collectibles
- Adding in a level menu / world map, or possibly just a "load last level" feature.
- Adding a death counter and / or a timer (probably just the death counter)
- High scores (maybe)
- Adding music that I spent more than 10 minutes on (low priority)
- Adding more content (levels, collectibles in game / achievements)
- Adding more cut scenes and reworking the story

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