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Quick Update on where progress is at the moment. Explaining where I am at on the project, and Current requests I may need help with.

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As you may of already noticed, there is a release date! It's not exact of course. But it gives me a deadline to work with so I can continue working on this project. There will be a couple more screenshots uploaded soon to showcase a couple of new places in the Mod. I hope you enjoy these. Below is Current Progress and Requests.

As of 31/05/2013

  • Currently have 4 out of the 6 maps Existing/WIP/Complete (Subject to change).
  • Storyline is basically created, just need to implement it properly. LOOKING FOR VOICE ACTORS
  • Some scripting has been done.

As of 31/05/2013

  • Instruction on how to add Custom Models, and Include them in the released product?
  • In need of Voice Actors! There is ideas of a script but it still needs to be written. I need 2 Male voices, one adult sounding, one old sounding. I need 2 Female voice actors, one needs to sound like a young girl, the other an adult female. Please contact through PM if you are interested in a role and I can give you the gist of what that role will entail.

I'll try to update this as often as I can.

- Pshyched

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