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Update on current progress of build 4 and a new tech demo.

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Its been a week since the release of the latest version of the Paradigm Engine and work on build 4 is well on its way. Yesterday a bug was fixed that caused models not to render completely, this is something that has been around since switching to external models but went completely unnoticed. There has also been a new bug discovered which causes portions of some models to render at an angle. It is currently believed to have something to do with the rotation (pitch/yaw/roll) calculations.

In addition to working on bug fixes the Perl server is getting some upgrades to help with player handling. As of build 3 the server does not send "full server" messages or process player disconnects to free slots. This causes problems with games using the multiplayer code by not assigning id numbers to new players in a server which is not full.

Also in development is a tech demo to show multiplayer and wii capabilities of the engine. It is currently titled "WiiChat" and will allow users on any supported platform (Win,Linux,Mac,Wii) to chat in a small 3D environment. To add better chat support for Wii users there will be a small on-screen keyboard so that users will not have to use the fullscreen one.

WiiChat Preview

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