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Dave explains this week's news and progress on f0rest.

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Greetings and thanks for your feedback---here and elsewhere---about the art and concepts for f0rest.

I'd like to give you a brief update on this week's great progress, and mention a few other changes. First up, a ton of new art and code have resulted in some nice new gameplay videos, showcasing bow-and-arrow combat against multiple enemies, item collecting, and object-manipulation for the first time in f0rest! Here are the links to the videos, here on IndieDB. Be sure to press HD for best quality:

Next I'll be working on procedural terrain generation, and I'll post a new update when there's something exciting to show.

I've also moved f0rest's artblog to Flickr: Flickr.com

So, what do you think of the new art style and animations? The combat is a bit clunky; currently you hold SHIFT to raise the bow, and release shift to fire an arrow in the direction you are facing. I'm considering freezing the monk's feet when the bow is ready, so that you can aim with SHIFT held down and not run toward the enemy you are shooting at. It would also introduce a tactical issue, in that you'd have to think more about where you want to stop and aim.

That's all for now; I'll post more screenshots and videos when the time comes. Thanks everyone!

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