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A report about the second playable character in the game, more advanced sword trail vfx and some other vfx attacks as well, and also a necromancer.

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Hello everyone,

I would like to start off today’s post with the second playable character in DEADHUNTERS. He is called Nex Fentrius and unlike our first character he has a much more refined personality. As the heir of a noble family that’s past its glory and as a leader of an infamous criminal organization he has experienced all walks of life. It seems wherever he goes destruction follows, so his choice the join the Guild of Deadhunters may as well turn out to be a fatal one. So understandably he has a melancholic and sarcastic air to him.

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Apart from the new character I would also like to introduce a new type of enemy. Necromancers are the first summoner type enemy in the game. They can raise skeletons and attack the player with magic bolts. As I mentioned before the main antagonistic faction in the game is the Cult of the Dead, however there are other forces at work as well. These witches have existed long before the Dead Plague struck and have dabbled into the affairs of life and death for centuries.

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We made great progress with the visual effects for the game as well. Last time I showed two possible sword slash iterations, we have made a third version as well but we feel that it can still be improved so we are working on another one.

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The skeleton mages got themselves a fresh magic attack effect. We paid attention to include a wind up part in the whole effect, so players can react in time to the magic bolts flying their way.

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Lastly we have also spent some time coming up with possible player magic attacks. The one you see below would let the player attack in a long line, although with a short delay between the spikes. We are not yet sure if this will make it to the final product as a player spell. However, I can also imagine it being used for as a boss attack pattern.

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That’s it for now, if you are interested in the creation process of the skeleton mage’s attack you can check out this link. Plus, there is also a video about the sword slash and the character texturing.

Have a great day and see you next month!

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